Tuneable frame antenna with amplifier
Made of white and brown plastic. The two coils of the antenna itself are made of gold coloured anodised aluminium. The antenna can be used for short wave, medium wave and long wave. The knob on the hand is used to tune the antenna and to switch from one wavelenght to another.
The 6,3 volts filament voltage and the 250 volts high tension for the EF80 high frequency amplifier is tapped from the radio using a valve base adaptor, connected to the Chrono Capte. The adaptor is placed in the valve base of the output valve of the radio; the tube itself is inserted into the top of the adaptor. The antenna can then be connected to the antenna and earth sockets of the radio.
The Chrono Capte has a swivel base, so it can be directed to a radio station for optimal tuning.
Célard made ​​several versions of this antenna. There were antennas with and without a clock, with and without a wavelength window, and with a wavelength switch on the upper side. In addition, they made antennas with integrated power supply and antennas that were suitable for DC radios and AC/DC radios.
The antenna mainly receives the magnetic component of the antenna signal, thus eliminating most interference.
This type of antenna was mainly popular in Belgium and France. This antenna is French and was made by Radio-Célard, 32, Cours de la Libération, Grenoble, during 1952-1958.
The original price was 6360 Fr.
Purchased in 2014

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Made in ± 1955
Dimensions (h x w x d) 32 x 31 x 17 cm
  User manual (French)

Noval valve base adaptor

The valve base adaptor with a EL41 on top, placed inside a radio.