Superheterodyne radio

With medium wave and short wave. Purple coloured plastic cabinet with crème white front. The left knob is used for volume control and as on/off switch; the right one is for tuning. The three piano keys in the middle are for MW (55-160 Kc), SWII (51-150 meter) and SW1 (16-50 meters). There are connections for antenna and earth and a gramophone at the back of the radio.

Date stamp on the tuning condenser: 11-XI-1959.
Kovo Import/Export, 47, Dukelskıch hrdinů, Praha 7, was a firm with tight connections to Tesla. Not many models were made using the brand name Kovo. This radio originally comes from the former G.D.R. The word "Volksradio" was added to the front. The other texts on the scale are in English. The radio was also made in green, grey and blue.
Serial number: 6020786
Dimensions (w×h×d): 30,5 × 20,5 × 14,5 cm
Made in: 1959
Purchased in: 2011
Sold in: 2022
Voltages: 110 and 220 V ~
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What was broadcast in 1959?


Listen to "C-Jam Blues" by the Orchestr Karla Vlacha, recorded in Prag, December 21, 1959

Back with back panel

German advertisement for Kovo Import/Export Under-chassis view

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