Superheterodyne radio

With medium wave, long wave and short wave.

True-to-life miniature Tesla 208Us (12 x 7 cm) were made in China. These have medium wave and FM. They operate on 2 AA batteries.
The radio was produced for a long period: from 1953 until 1958.
The technical design of the radio was a bit old-fashioned for the period (it was based on a 1941 Philips "four tube system" with loctal tubes), but is was quite dependable because of the proven design. Many radios were manufactured (it is estimated that more than a million of them were made) for export to the West as well as to other countries behind the Iron Curtain.
The radio has a date stamp with the date 27 IV 1955. The radio, often called "bullet", became very collectable, because of its shape. The colour of the radio is a dark reddish brown with contrasting white knobs (urea formaldehyde on a Bakelite core); the scale has 2 colours.
Serial number: 686788
Dimensions (w×h×d): 31.5 × 18.5 × 14.5 cm
Made in: 1955
Purchased in: 2008
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What was broadcast in 1955?


Listen to "Vyzvání k tanci" by the orchestra of Gustav Brom, recorded in the Sál Varieté Rozmarýn in Brno, March 2, 1955


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