One circuit TRF receiver with reaction

In Bakelite cabinet with metal back panel and base plate. The controls from left to right: on/off switch, reaction control, tuning, wavelength switch and (not visible in the right-hand side): a slide for the antenna coupling. At the rear, the antenna and ground bus and connectivity for a speaker and a gramophone​​.

The Telefunken 33WL was equipped with a built-in speaker, the 33WE was an export version and the 33G and GL were models for DC.

The receiver cost RM 165,- in Germany; in The Netherlands it was sold for f 120,-
Data Valves
Serial number: 42100
Dimensions (whd): 38,5 25 17 cm
Made in: 1930
Purchased in: 2004
Sold in: 2022
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What was broadcast in 1930?


Listen to "Veronika, der Lenz ist da", sung by The Comedian Harmonists, recorded in 1930

Back with back panel
Back with back panel removed
Under-chassis view
Information sheet about the radio riveted below the chassis
An elderly farmer and his wife listening to a Telefunken 33WL on the windowsill.
Dutch advertisement in Radio Expres, November 28th, 1930 Picture from an advertising leaflet

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