One circuit TRF receiver with feedback
Brown painted metal case, lid made of black bakelite. Base made of wood painted black. Left: loudspeaker connection; right: 3 antenna connections, gramophone connection and earth connection. In the front two drum scales (0 - 10 degrees). Left: feedback, right: tuning. On the left and right knobs for fine-tuning. The band switch has three ranges: 1. 200-400 m, 2. 300-800 m, 3. 700-2000 m. A RE134 triode is used as rectifier. In later versions this valve was replaced by a real rectifier, the RGN354. In some models a second REN1004 is used, instead of the REN1104.
Data Valves
Serial number: none
Dimensions (w×h×d)): 20,5 × 21 × 24,5 cm
Made in: 1928
Purchased in: 2006
Sold in: 2022
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What was broadcast in 1928?


Listen to "Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht", from the Revue "Donnerwetter 1000 Frauen", by the Odeon Dance Orchestra, leader Dajos Béla, recorded in 1928

A look inside
Upper right: rectifier (in the section with the small grill)
Side view
Below: three different antenna connections and earth, above: connector for a gramophone player.
Detail of the lid
Advertisement in Radio Expres, November 8, 1929

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