Superheterodyne radio
Case made of gazelle-brown polystyrene, the front is cream-coloured. The knobs from left to right: volume (front knob), tone control (rear knob), push buttons: on/off, solo, long wave, medium wave and FM. The right knob is used for tuning. At the rear, the antenna and the earth bus, and a connection for a gramophone. This connection is selected by simultaneously pressing the medium and long wave push buttons. The scale is illuminated from above by a scale lamp (7 volts, 0.3 A). The radio has a built-in ferrite antenna.
The receiver was also available in lime green and burgundy.
The original price was DM 179,-.

What was broadcast in 1960?


Listen to "La Guitarra Brasillana" sung by Freddy Quinn, from the film "Weit ist der Weg" made in 1960

Serial number: 565446
Dimensions (whd): 33.6 21.5 15/18 cm
Made in: 1960
Given to me in: 2019
Sold in: 2022
Voltage: 220 volts ~
Weight: 4.6 kg
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Back with panel
The original warranty certificate is still present, as well as a label from a previous owner.
Back with panel removed
Chassis, top view
Chassis, rear view

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