Sterling Deluxe 1000
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Superheterodyne receiver
Amber-coloured catalin cabinet with chromed metal back, top and front. At the top is the on/off/volume knob, below the tuning knob.
For medium wave reception (55-160 kHz). Due to the lack of intermediate frequency amplification, the radio is not very sensitive.
Stamp on the chassis: February 14 1949. There are models in ivory white, and marbled amber, blue and green.
Data Valves
Serial number: none
Dimensions (whd): 25.4 12.7 12.7 cm
Made in: 1949
Purchased in: 2017
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What was broadcast in 1949?


Listen to "Salt Peanuts", Charlie Parker (as), Kenny Dorham (t), Al Haig (p), Tommy Potter (b), Max Roach (d), recorded at the Royal Roost, New York City on February 19, 1949.

Top view of the chassis
Under-chassis view
Warranty and tube location chart

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