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Superheterodyne portable receiver for battery- and mains supply
In crème white polystyrene with gold coloured decorations.
At the front is the tuning knob, and an on/off/volume control thumbwheel. In the right side there are push buttons for the three wave ranges: long wave, medium wave and short wave. Equipped with a 10 cm diameter speaker, a ferrite antenna and a telescopic antenna for short wave use.
An AC mains power adapter could be supplied as an accessory. This adapter can be placed in the battery compartment. In addition, there is another version for batteries and built-in power supply. A switch at the rear can be used to switch between battery and mains power.
The intermediate frequency is 460 kHz.
The original price was 19.300 FFr. With mains adaptor the price was FFr 22.500. Made in a number of colours: ivory white, grey, green and coral red. Also made as Sonolor Oasis and by Visseaux with an unkown type name.
Data Valves
Serial number: 22904
Dimensions (w × h × d): 22.7 x 17.4 x 3.5 cm
Made in: 1956
Purchased in: 2017
Weight: 2.5 kg
Voltages: 1.5/67.5 volts
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