Portable transistor radio
One of the first transistorised portable radios made by Philips and the first to be issued in The Netherlands. Casing made of wood with plastic front and brown artificial leather cover. Transistors used: OC44 (mixing), 2 x OC45 (MF-stages), OA79 (detection), 2 x OC71 (AF-stages), 2 x OC72 (output). Batteries: 4 x D-type, 6 Volt. Wave range: medium wave and long wave.
Data Circuit
Serial number: A53046
Type number: L3X71T/62
Dimensions (whd): 26,5 17,5 8,5 cm
Made in: 1957
Purchased in: 2005

What was broadcast in 1957?


Listen to "Diana" by Paul Anka, recorded in 1957

A look inside
The battery holder with the metal clamping brackets looks improvised but is original.

   Advertisement for the "Sharpie", together with other models introduced in 1957.

Leaflet with portable radios from 1957

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