Pocket radio with 6 transistors

In blue and black case with carrying strap. The lighter blue colour is discoulored at the top and has turned to gray.
The knobs: left: on/off/volume control, right: tuning. Medium wave only.
Transistors: CS9011, CS9011, CS9011, CS9011, CS1402, CS9012, Diode: CDG24. Diameter loudspeaker: 5.7 cm, output: 0.25 W.
The radio is powered by two 1.5 volt AA batteries.
The original price was f 29,-. In 1986 the price was lowered to f 19.50. The radio was available in a number of colours.
It was made for Philips in Hong Kong by the Sing Hing Electric Co.
Contrary to what is indicated in the advertisement on the right, the radio does not have a connection for headphones.
Serial number: KZ 009103
Dimensions: 7 x 12 x 2.8 cm
Made in: 1985 Circuit
Given to me in: 2020
Sold in: 2022
Weight: 180 gram

What was broadcast in 1985?


Luister to "Slave to love" by Brian Ferry, recorded in 1985

A look inside

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