Bi-Ampli plano radio
In the fifties Philips introduced the Bi-ampli system. The radios have two separate amplifiers. One has high tones filtered out and is connected to a big speaker, the other one has low tones filtered out and feeds a smaller speaker. This way one gets a better sound reproduction, because high and low frequencies have less chance to interfere with each other and the total output power is doubled (in theory). In 1965 the Bi-Ampli logo disappears. This receiver has four wave lengths: long wave (1150-2000 m), medium wave (185-580 m), short wave (16,5-50,8 m) and FM (87,5-100 MHz). It can produce stereo output from an external source and therefore has two identical amplifiers and speakers, but it does not have FM stereo. Plano radios have a low profile and big tuning dials at the front. Loudspeakers have moved to the sides.
Gegevens Buizen  
Serial number: PL10081
Dimensions (hbd) : 24 56,5 24,5 cm
Bouwjaar: 1960
Gekregen in: 2008
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What was broadcast in 1960?


Listen to "Theme from a Summer Place" by Percy Faith, recorded in 1960

The restored B5X04A
Both loudspeakers are AD3700AM's

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