TRF local station receiver for AC
Arbolite cabinet in rosewood finish with black base panel and feet. Bakelite ornament with stars and waves in front of the loudspeaker.
For medium and long wave reception.
The scale is illuminated from behind. The scale is illuminated by a Philips 8046 bulb (6 volts / 0.5 A) .
At the back are four antenna connections, labelled 1 to 4, an earth terminal and a gramophone socket. Antenna bus 1 is suitable for the reception of strong, nearby stations, bus 2 is for higher selectivity, bus 3 for "normal" reception and bus 4 is used for enhanced sensitivity.
The knobs from left to right: wavelength switch, labelled I, II and III. The medium wave is spread over the buttons I (200-450 meters) and II (400-950 meters), III is long wave (900-2100 meters). The feedback knob is at the bottom left, the on/off switch is in the middle and the tuning knob on the right. The range of the scale is 0-100.
The radio was made for export. The 930C is the DC version. The 930B had a wood cabinet. The Dutch version was the five-valve 932A. The price of that radio was f 159.50.
Serial number: 27983N
Dimensions (w h d): 41 47 17 cm
Made in: 1931
Purchased in: 2013
Weight: 6.8 kg
Voltages: 108-253 volt ~
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What was broadcast in 1931?

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