Superinductance receiver
With Swiss Philips-Telefunken licence. Arbolite simulated walnut case, Bakelite rim, feet, loudspeaker and dial surround. The design of the ornaments is by ir. Louis Kalff. The valve set differs from the radio that was sold in the Netherlands. The 830C is DC version.
Serial number: 46755N
Dimensions: 41 49 22 cm
Made in: 1932
Purchased in: 2004
Sold in: 2024
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What was broadcast in 1932?


Listen to "Wir Tanzen Weltschlager" by Ilja Livschakoff's Dance Orchestra, recorded in 1932


               Swiss folder for the Philips 830

Poster design by Carl Probst, 1932


Two postcards showing the Philips 830

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