Superheterodyne AC receiver
Patterned brown Bakelite cabinet. Illuminated station scale with gold coloured background. In Holland this radio was called "Zonnetje" ("Little Sun").
The receiver has three wave bands: long wave (708-2000 meters), medium wave (198-585 meters) and short wave (16.7-51 meters). The intermediate frequency is 128 kHz.
Continuously variable tone control is situated in the left hand side; the wave length selector in the right hand side. Front, left: on/off/volume control; on the right: tuning. In the back sockets for antenna, gramophone and an extra loudspeaker.
The radio has band-pass filter pre-selection, seven tuned circuits, MF antenna filter and delayed automatic volume control.
The original price was f 89,-.
The radio was first introduced at the Autumn Trade Fair that was held from September7 until September 17 in Utrecht.
On the right, an advertisement in newspaper Haagsche Courant, October 29, 1938.
Data Valves
Serial number: E20546E 04
Dimensions wbhd): 48 29 22 cm
Weight: 10,2 kg
Voltages: 110-245 volts ~
Made in: 1938
Purchased in: 2011
Sold in: 2022
  Scale lamp: Philips 8045D-07
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What was broadcast in 1938?


Listen to "Swinging the Fiddles" by The Ramblers Quintet, recorded in "Het Hof van Holland", Hilversum, November 15, 1938


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