TRF receiver with feedback
Issued together with the Philips models 2531 (Bakelite) and the 2537 (wood). The interior of the three models is almost identical. 0-180 Degrees drum-drive scale. Medium wave and long wave: 200-450 meters, 400-950 meters and 900-2100 meters. The iron cased model has a crackle finish paint, brownish black on top with a reddish layer underneath. In the back connections for gramophone and loudspeaker, as well as three antenna connections. Tuning with two separate knobs.
The user manual in pdf (in Dutch): user manual.
The original price was f 125,-.
Data Valves   Circuit  
Serial number: 10131
Produced: 65.000
Dimensions (whd): 32.5 19 20.5 cm
Made in: 1930
Purchased in: 2006
Sold in: 2022
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What was broadcast in 1930?


Listen to "Olga" by King Oliver's Orchestra, recorded in 1930

Part of an advertisement for Philips products the Haagsche Courant of September 17, 1930

Advertising poster for the 2534 by Johan van der Leij, 1930

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