TRF AC receiver
Made in the N.S.F. factories in Hilversum. The design of this radio is, like that of the earlier battery receivers 2501 and 2502, by ir. Louis Kalff, who also designed the disc loudspeakers. The style is "Nieuwe Zakelijkheid", or "New Realism". Not every customer liked this modernism, and radio cabinets were designed to hide the radio from view. An example of a radio cabinet, made by the workshop of A. Brandsteder in Amsterdam, can be seen here
The radio at the exhibition, June 14th
The wave ranges are 200-400, 300-600 and 1000-2000 meters. The weight of this small but very compact radio is remarkably high: a little over 8 kg!

The radio was on display in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven from June 9th, 2012 until November 11th, 2012, as part of an exhibition about the period 1924-1929.
The radio at the exhibition, June 15th
Data Valves  
Serial number: 65909
Dimensions (whd): 37 19 13 cm
Made in: 1928
Purchased in: 2004
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What was recorded in 1928?


Listen to "Because My Baby" by Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra; vocals by Bing Crosby, Bix Beiderbecke on cornet, recorded in New York, June 18, 1928

Front of the radio with the cabinet removed
Side view
Bottom view of the radio with the valves exposed
An advertising leaflet, designed by Louis Kalff.
Publicity photo, clearly showing the wall socket. Advertisement in Radio Expres, 1928

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