Superheterodyne AC/DC receiver
Made in 1944 or 1945 in Leuven, Belgium after the liberation of Belgium and the south of Holland. Black Bakelite cabinet with white edging around loudspeaker and scale. The scale has two colours: white, medium wave, red, short wave. Above the scale a small neon indication lamp can be seen. There are air gaps in the top and bottom half of the radio.

The controls are situated on the left and right hand side of the radio. On the left the on/off/volume control and on the right the tuning and wave length switch.
The receiver has two bands: short wave (15-51 meters) and medium wave (196-575 meters). The early version was made in 1941 and has medium wave and long wave.
One of the station names on the scale is "Herrijzend Nederland" (Emerging Netherlands). Radio Herrijzend Nederland broadcasted from the end of the war until January 19, 1946. "Stichting Nederlandse Radio-Omroep in Overgangstijd" took over on January 20, 1946. Text on the bottom of the station scale: 204 B Holl Eng A3 217 21.0 1.
Serial number: L 80051
Dimensions (whd): 24 16.5 12.5 cm
Made in: 1944-1945
Purchased in: 2010
Voltages: 125 V and 220 V ~ and -
  Scale lamp: Philips A 1.358.18.0 (neon)
  1941 version: UY21 instead of UY1N
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What was broadcast in 1945?


Listen to "Orient Express", by The Ramblers Dance Orchestra, recorded in 1942 but issued in 1945

Under-chassis view

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