Superheterodyne AC/DC receiver
In dark brown Bakelite cabinet with white trim. The controls are on the sides. On the left side is the power switch with volume control; on the right side the tuning knob and wavelength switch. This radio was made in the Philips-Valvo factory in Aachen, Germany. The Philips 203U was the first radio in the Philetta series. It is the second version of this model with 17 ventilation holes in the top of the cabinet. Older models have no holes; Later models have slots.
The radio was delivered to the German Heereswaffenamt (Wa.A.) (Army Weapons Agency) in Berlin. The text "Heereseigentum" (property of the army) is melted in the bottom of the cabinet. On the chassis this text is also stamped twice. In addition, a stamp with the text "Wa.A. 858" and an eagle with swastika. 858 Is a Wa.A. inspection number. The designation Wa.A. 858 with eagle is also stamped in the metal back panel of the radio.
With medium wave (192-575 meters) and long wave (708-1910 meters). The intermediate frequency is 452 kHz.
The scale is illuminated from above by a small neon bulb (Z10). The loudspeaker is a Philips 9668.
An antenna can be connected at the back. The metal back panel also serves as a plate antenna.
Serial number: 587051
Chassis number: 4156
Dimensions (whd): 24.7 16.5 13 cm
Made in: 1942
Purchased in: 2017
Sold in: 2023
Weight: 2.7 kg
Voltages: 125, 220 volts ~ and -
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What was broadcast in 1942?


Listen to "Wir machen Musik", sung by Ilse Werner with orchestra. Recorded in 1942


Back with back panel removed

Under-chassis view

Top view of the chassis
Stamps with the text "Heereseigentum", eagle and swastika and the text "Wa.A. 858" Stamp with the text "Heereseigentum" in the bottom of the Bakelite cabinet

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