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Superheterodyne novelty receiver

AM Tube Radio made in USA in the 1960's, stylized to resemble an antique wall mount American telephone. There is a crank on the right side of the phone. The left side of the phone has a plastic ear piece and a cord. The mouth piece is also made of plastic. The dial on the left is the "ringer" for the AM stations and the "ringer" on the right side controls the volume. Medium wave: 187-545 meters (550-1600 Kc). Loudspeaker and tubes were made in Japan; the chassis and the wooden cabinet were made in the US.
 Data Valves  
Serial number: none
Dimensions (whd): 19.5 x 45 x 19.5 cm
Made in: 1965
Purchased in: 2013
Sold in: 2022
Voltages: 117 volts AC/DC
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