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Robust crystal receiver with slide coil
In mahogany cabinet. In 1923, this crystal receiver was the first in France to be made in larger numbers.
The earth can be connected at the top right; top left an antenna (A - long wave or AC - medium wave). On the guide rods are the sliding contacts: at the front for primary and at the back for secondary alignment. Headphones can be connected on the bottom right. In the middle is the crystal with the tuning knob next to it. This knob operates a large variable air condenser in the form of two aluminum plates, which can pivot relative to each other. This capacitor is located in the base of the receiver.
The receiving range is 200-3000 meters.
The original price was FFr 220.
Illustrations from the Catalogue Alphabetique Comptoir General de L'Électricité No 19 TSF, May 1st, 1923
Serial number: none
Dimensions (w×h×d): 44 × 21.5 × 24 cm
Made in: ± 1923
Purchased in: 2019
Weight: 4.4 kg


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