Le Téléphone Sans Fil
   Récepteur à galène
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Crystal receiver with slide coil
Mahogany frame with metal parts. On the left is the antenna connection, and a variable capacitor, operated by an insulated screw. In the middle the connections for a headphone. On the right the crystal detector and on the far right the earth. The coil has a length of 31 cm and a diameter of 8.5 cm, made of 0.7 mm copper wire. The receiver has two sliding contacts with carbon points, one for antenna tuning and one for the crystal detector. The receiver needs an antenna of at least 30 meters for optimal reception.
Data Circuit
Dimensions (w×h×d): 35 × 11 × 13.8 cm
Made in: 1923
Purchased in: 2018

What was broadcast in 1923?


Listen to "La Java" played by l'Orchestre de Danse Chantal, recorded in 1923

Punched text in the base plate of the receiver. "Le Sans Fil, modèle déposé"

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