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Crystal receiver

In oak box with lid. The controls on the Bakelite front plate from left to right and from top to bottom: antenna connection, jumper plug or long wave coil, ground. Below that, tuning capacitor and coarse tuning with 6 positions, underneath the open crystal with sensor and at the bottom the connections for headphones.

The BBC logo is affixed to the top of the front plate. PMG Reg. No. 177.
The operating manual is mounted on the inside of the lid.
The receiver was introduced in the fall of 1922. It receives on medium wave (300-500 meters).
The set cost 4 15s 6d (plus 7s 6d BBC royalties), including 4000Ω headphones and antenna equipment, excluding longwave coil for the Paris time signals at 2600m or the Chelmsford longwave station, 6s).
Dimensions (whd): 22.5 13.5 18 cm (width and depth including base)
Made in: 1922
Purchased in: 2020

What was broadcast in 1922?


Listen to "Stumbling", by the orchestra of Jack Derrick, recorded on October 9, 1922

Front panel
Advertisement in Wireless World, January 20, 1923

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