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compact AC/DC superheterodyne receiver

This is the dark brown plastic version, the 609W. "W", for walnut, the colour of the plastic cabinet and knobs. There is also an ivory version, the 609I.
The design is Art Deco, it has a gold coloured, illuminated dial with black numbers showing the kilocycles and meters. The gold coloured pointer has a red plastic ornament in the middle.
The cardboard back has a built-in loop antenna. The radio receives medium wave only (185-550 meters). It has automatic volume control and 5 AM circuits. The output is 2 Watts.
The original price was $ 19.95; the ivory version cost $ 21.95. Weight of the radio is 6.5 lbs. (or 2.95 kilos).

The advertisement on the right is from Radio & Television Retailing, May 1946.

Data Valves
Dimensions (whd): 23 14 14 cm
Made in: 1946
Purchased in: 2006
Sold in: 2022
Serial number: 60914220A
Voltage: 85-125v ~ and -
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What was broadcast in 1946?


Listen to "Hey-Ba-Ba-Ra-Bop" by the orchestra of Glenn Miller, sung by Tex Beneke, recorded in 1946

Simple cardboard back
Behind it is a built-in loop antenna (better visible in the picture below)
Chassis, top view

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