Superheterodyne receiver
In walnut veneered cabinet with ivory white wooden ornaments, ivory coloured plastic knobs and a glass station scale.
Villa in Brusselles-South, designed in 1937 by architect RaphaŽl Delville
Wave ranges are: short wave (16-53 meters), medium wave (190-580 meters) and long wave (725-2000 meters).
The receiver is equipped with automatic volume control and anti-fading.
In the catalogue year 1937-1938 this radio appeared as the cheapest model in a range of receivers with the same design: walnut, combined with ivory white details: the KY165, KY166, KY167, KY168 and the KY169. The range for the Dutch East Indies, the KY223, KY224 and the KY225 were all designed in the same manner. The style was inspired by "Het Nieuwe Bouwen" known as "Modern Movement" in Anglo-Saxon countries. (on the right an example of that architectural style).
The original price of the receiver was f 127,-.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 5595
Produced: Ī 6800
Dimensions: (w x h x d) 58 x 34.5 x 28.5 cm
Made in: 1937
Purchased in: 2013
Sold in: 2020

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Circuit, User manual (in Dutch)

What was broadcast in 1937?


Listen to "Big Apple" by The Ramblers Dance Orchestra, leader Theo Uden Masman, sung by Freddy Johnson, recorded in Casino Hamdorff in Laren, November 11, 1937

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Page from an Erres catalogue from the year 1937 Advertisement for the KY166 in newspaper "De Tijd" November 4th, 1937

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