Superheterodyne receiver

Walnut veneered cabinet, bakelite legs, knobs, "rising sun" loudspeaker and dial surround. Made by Van der Heem & Bloemsma, The Hague. Two bands: medium wave and long wave.
The original price was f 145,-; in Belgium BFr 2200,-
Data Valves
Serial number: 1302
Produced: 5300
Dimensions: 48.5 37.5 24 cm
Made in: 1934
Purchased in: 2010

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What was broadcast in 1934?


Listen to "Farewell Blues" by The Ramblers Dance Orchestra, recorded August 22, 1934, Casino Hamdorff, Laren

A look inside
The output transformer is not original
Under-chassis view
Page from a 1934 Erres brochure
Advertisements for the Erres KY136 in newspapers Utrechts Nieuwblad, October 12, 1934 (left) and in De Graafschap-bode November 30, 1934

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