Superheterodyne receiver

Four valve (+ rectifier) two band (MW and LW) radio designed to operate from AC or DC. "Toaster" shaped ivory coloured cabinet with carrying handle. The toaster shape was popular in this period, as can be seen in models like the Sobell Sobellette, the Kolster-Brandes FB10, and the Decca Deccette.

Under the handle is a ventilation area, to allow heat to leave the cabinet. Some sets suffered from temperature build-up, and are found heat damaged, particularly around and on the carrying handle. This set is still undamaged.
Price of the radio was 12 1s 7d in 1950.
Data Valves
Serial number: 01170
Dimensions (whd): 29 23 15 cm
Voltages: 200-250 volts AC/DC
Made in: 1950
Purchased in: 2010
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What was broadcast in 1950?


Listen to "Harry Lime Theme" from the film "The Third Man", composed by Anton Karas recorded in 1950

Under-chassis view

Picture from an Ekco product leaflet

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