Superheterodyne receiver

In austere, symmetrically constructed walnut Bakelite cabinet with two small bulges on the sides. Equipped with five tubes. Illuminated scales. The radio receives long wave (1000-2000 m) and medium wave (200-550 m). An extra loudspeaker and a gramophone can be connected at the back.

Serge Chermayeff
The intermediate frequency is 110 kc/s.
The controls from left to right: wavelength/gramophone switch, tuning (with the local/distance switch below), on/off and volume control.

The dial cords - made of conductive material - carry the current to the bulbs that illuminate the scale while tuning. Only the bulb for the waveband in use is lit. The engraved celluloid scales could be replaced by new ones, when new radio stations were put into operation.

The radio was made in three versions: the AC receiver AC74, the DC receiver DC74 and the battery operated receiver B74. There is also a black/chrome version. Radiograms appeared in 1934.
The original price was 13 13s (14 14s for the black and chrome model).
The design is by Serge Ivan Chermayeff (his own name was Sergius Ivanovich Issakovitch, 1900-1996). This Russian-born designer and
architect designed three radios for Ekco: the AC74 (1933), the AC86 (1935) and AC77 (1936). He stayed in The Netherlands for a while, where he met architect Willem Dudok. One of his most important architectural designs is the "De La Warr Pavilion" in Bexhill, Sussex (below), which he designed together with architect Erich Mendelsohn. The stunning modernist building was opened in 1935. Chermayeff moved to the United States in 1940, where he began teaching.
The De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, designed by Serge Chermayeff and Erich Mendelsohn
Data Valves
Serial number: 35275
Dimensions (whd): 38.1 45.7 25.4 cm
Made in: 1933
Purchased in: 2014
Voltage: 200-250 volts ~
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Circuit Review

What was broadcast in 1933?


Listen to "I've got you on my mind" by the orchestra of Bert Ambrose, vocals Sam Browne, recorded on November 2, 1933

Back with back panel

Back with panel removed

Under-chassis view
Some capacitors were replaced, for instance the smoothing capacitors in de cardboard box, below.

The illuminated scale pointer while switching between medium and long wave
Advertisement for the AC74

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