Portable radio...

...and car radio. Cabinet made of wood with artificial leather. The radio unit can be pulled out of its cabinet and inserted into the dashboard of a car. A scale lamp is activated when used as car radio. Seven transistors. 9 volt battery (see below). Loudspeaker 15 x 17 cm. Superheterodyne. Medium wave and long wave. Also made as "Firvox Transmobile" and "La Voix de son Maître" AT79. In these models a 12 volt battery is used.

Transistors: Thomson 36T1 (2 x), 37T1, 941T1 (2 x), 991T1, 992T1. These transistors were made by Thomson using a General Electric licence. They are germanium PNP transistors, type 2N43, 2N44 and 2N45. In 1953 these transistors were introduced in the USA, so they are examples of very early transistor technology.
Data Circuit
Serial number: 51571
Dimensions (w×h×d): 27 × 21 × 12 cm
Made in: 1960
Purchased in: 2006
Sold in: 2022


What was broadcast in 1960?


Listen to "Tom Pillibi" sung by Jacqueline Boyer. With this song she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960

The radio unit
Inside (upper part)
Inside (lower part)
The radio was repaired at least once. A transistor was soldered on the other side of the print.
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