Small superheterodyne radio
Very compact unit in ivory white plastic cabinet with plastic knobs. White scale with gold print and Ducretet-Thomson ornament in red and gold on the front. Equipped with medium wave (178.5 to 582.5 meters), long wave (1000 to 2000 meters), shortwave (15.5 to 50 meters) and a spread 49-meter band (46.8 to 52.4 meters).
On the left is the on/off/volume knob, on the right, tuning. The wavelength switch is on the right hand side. The radio has a ferrite antenna. The intermediate frequency is 455kHz.
The "colonial" version L2523UF has an additional shortwave band and no long wave band.
The loudspeaker has a diameter of 10 cm.
The radio was also available in reddish brown plastic and in a white cabinet with a black scale (later models). The receiver was sold from 1953 to 1958.
The original price was FFr 16.692.
Data Valves
Serial number: 591813
Dimensions (whd): 22.5 16.3 15.3 cm
Made in: 1953
Purchased in: 2015
Voltage: 110-130 volt ~ and -
Weight: 1.9 kg
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What was broadcast in 1953?


Listen to "Blue and Brown" by Clifford Brown (t) and his Quartet, with Henry Renaud (p), Pierre Michelot (b) and Benny Bennett (d), recorded in Paris, October 15, 1953



Under-chassis view

   Pictures from a 1953 Ducretet-Thomson catalogue

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