Small table radio
In brown plastic cabinet and plastic knobs. Gold coloured scale and ornament on the front. For medium wave and long wave. Model D3923 has medium wave and short wave.
The receiver is very compact; there is no room for a tuning condenser; it has permeability tuning using two coils. At both ends of the tuning scale the radio switches to another band. The red indicator show the tuning range (GO or PO).
Several model were made of this receiver. An adapter made it possible to use the radio on 220 volts AC or DC. In later models a UBC41 was used instead of a UAF41. Older models also used the UY42 rectifier, instead of the UY41.
The receiver was made in the colours amaranth, ivory, brown, red, pistachio green and sky blue.
Data Valves
Serial number: 0913037
Dimensions (whd): 19 13 13 cm
Made in: 1950
Purchased in: 2013
Voltage: 110 volt ~ and -
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What was broadcast in 1950?


Listen to "Perdido" by Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra, with Harold Baker (tp), Quentin Jackson (tb), Johnny Hodges (as), Raymond Fol (p), Wendell Marshall (b) and Butch Ballard (d), recorded in Paris, June 20, 1950

Chassis (top view)
Under-chassis view
Leaflet about the D2923 and the D3923

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