Four valve battery radio
In wooden case with lid, ebonite knobs and celluloid scale marks.
The knobs: at the top two rheostats for the filament current, below from left to right: antenna switch, series/parallel switch, tuning, switch for amplification by means of HF, 1 x LF or 2 x LF. Bottom row: antenna tuning, fine tuning, feedback.
At the rear are the connections for the power sources, antenna, earth and a loudspeaker.
Imported in the Netherlands in 1926 by Ph. J. Schut, Keizersgracht 684, Amsterdam.
The original price was Hfl 195,-.
 Data Valves
Serial number:  
Dimensions (w×h×d): 38 x 34 x 30 cm
Made in: ±1925
Purchased in: 2005
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What was broadcast in 1925?


Listen to "Quand c'est bien fait", from the revue "Ça c'est Paris", sung by Mistinguett and André Randall, recorded in 1925


Transformateur No. 40 T and Auto-transformateur No. 40, for 200 to 525 meters.

Firm plate
A4 Coffret with frame aerial (1924) and Amplion Dragon AR111 horn loudspeaker (1925)
Advertisement in Radio Expres, 1926

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