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Superheterodyne receiver for battery and AC/DC

In wooden cabinet, lined with brown imitation snake skin. The front and the back are made of brown marbled plastic. At the front and rear of the radio are hinged doors. A frame antenna is wrapped around the wooden cabinet. On the top is a leather carrying strap.
The knobs: top: tuning control, below the on/off switch, volume control and a power switch with the positions: battery/AC-DC/battery charging.
The receiver is equipped with a selenium rectifier. It operates on 5 1.5 volt batteries for the filament, a 67.5 volt battery for the high voltage, and on 110-120 volts AC and DC. Loudspeaker diameter 8.7 cm (3.4 inch).
Receives medium wave (193-555 meters). The intermediate frequency is 455 kHz.
The abbreviation A.T.T.P. means Automatic Tom Thumb Personal.
The original price was $ 47.00.
Data Valves
Serial number: 522128
Dimensions (hwd): 24 x 12 x 12 cm
Made in: 1947
Purchased in: 2017
Sold in: 2022
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What was broadcast in 1947?


Listen to "Embraceable You (Take A)" played by Charlie Parker (as), Miles Davis (t), Duke Jordan (p), Tommy Potter (b), Max Roach (d), recorded in New York, October 28, 1947.

The power cord has been rolled up in the hinged tailgate. On the left the battery compartment for the filament batteries, right next of the output transformer there is room for a high voltage battery.
Top view of the chassis
Under-chassis view
Type plate

Advertisement in Radio and Television Retailing, May 1947

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