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Etablissements Idalia, Apparareils et Matériel Radiophoniques is founded by G. Lebrun and J. Corthouts. In 1924 the address is 6, Rue d'Idalie, Bruxelles (Quartier Léopold). Receivers are therefore given the brand name "Idalia". In 1925 the company moved to Rue Belliard, number 95. In 1928 they moved again, this time to 8, Rue de Pascale, Bruxelles Q.L. They stay there until 1936. Around 1950 the company is back at the old address 95, Rue Belliard, Bruxelles-Quartier Européen.
Idalia makes radios and crystal receivers until the 1930s. Business activities continue afterwards. When Idalia stops exactly is unknown.
Letter from the company with a postmark from 1951. G. Lebrun was still managing director.

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