Electrodynamic loudspeaker
Heptagonal, black painted metal housing with coloured Bakelite front on a black painted aluminum frame. The built-in speaker is the Philips 2009 with permanent magnet.
The loudspeaker was introduced at the Utrecht Spring Trade Fair in late February 1928. It was particularly suitable for receivers with the new power tube: the C443 that was being developed and appeared in October. In advertisements only the model number 2011 was used. Only a few advertisements appeared in 1928. In January 1929, a major advertising campaign was started for both the 2511 receiver and the 2011 loudspeaker and the name "Meesterzanger" ("Master Singer") was used to refer to the speaker. It was the beginning of a whole range of "Meesterzangers", with different speaker systems.
In the former Dutch East Indies, the loudspeaker was introduced in April 1928. A special tropical version of the Meesterzanger 2113 with a reinforced cone was marketed in 1931 (see advertisement below). In The Netherlands, they were made up to the year 1932; for the Dutch East-Indies until 1933.
The DC resistance of the transformer is 300 ohms in position 1 and 560 ohms in position 2. For the secondary winding that is 3 ohms. The voice coil measures 23 ohms.
The original price was f 165,-. In the former Dutch East-Indies, the price was f 210,-. After the introduction of other models, the price dropped below 100 guilders.
Made in 1928
Purchased in 2015
Serial number 3385
Dimensions (h x w x d) 74 x 53 x 23.5 cm
Weight 13.5 kg

What was broadcast in 1928?


Listen to "Makin' Whoopee!" by George Olsen & His Music, sung by Fran Frey, recorded on December 11, 1928

The back of the cabinet with a wicker back panel
Behind the wicker is a black linen cloth. Using a plug in the middle of the back panel, one can choose the correct input for a receiver with a triode or pentode power tube.
The cabinet inside
The electrodynamic loudspeaker 2009 with permanent magneet
Article in De Nieuwe Tilburgsche Courant, February 22, 1928  Advertisement in newspaper Het Centrum, August 6, 1928

Advertisement for the Meesterzanger in newspaper NRC, January 10 and January 22, 1929
Advertisement in De Indische Courant, August 13, 1929. In May 1928 the first 2011s arrived in the Dutch East-Indies. Because of shipping costs, the price of the Meesterzanger was higher there: f 210,- Advertisement for a tropical version of the Meesterzanger for the Dutch East-Indies in De Sumatra Post of Augustus 12, 1931

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