High impedance loudspeaker
Nickel plated metal and a printed cardboard paper cone with an Art Deco design in reddish brown and black on a silver background. Electromagnetic system.
Original price (in the Netherlands) f 27,-
Serial number: 43427
Made in: 1928
Purchased in: 2014
Dimensions (h x w x d): 41 x 36 x 11 cm
DC resistance: 1600 ohms

What was broadcast in 1928?


Listen to "L'Ondée" by the Orchestre Musette Jean Vaissade with Jean Vaissade (acc) “Jiango Renard” (bj) and Francesco Cariolato (xyl), recorded in Paris, June 1928

Advertisement in magazine Radio Wereld, May 30, 1929

Review of the loudspeaker in the same magazine

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