High impedance loudspeaker
Oak cabinet with Philips electromagnetic loudspeaker 2044. Design by designer Otto van Tussenbroek.
Original price f 45,-.
Made in: 1930
Purchased in: 2006
Sold in: 2022
Dimensions: 35 x 34 x 17,5 cm
DC resistance: 2000 Ohms

What was broadcast in 1930?


Listen to "Sunny Days" by the Radio Melody Boys, leader Harry Hudson, recorded in 1930

Back with stamp:
"Eigendom N.V. Bouw-, Exploitatie- en Administratie Mij., Surinameplein 1, Amsterdam (Property of Building, Exploitation and Administration Company), a former owner.
The Philips 2044 loudspeaker inside the cabinet

Advertisement in Radio Expres, November 21, 1930

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