Valora bright emitter 3.5-4V - 0.5A
Valora dull emitter 1.8-2V - 0.06A


1 2 3 4 base
f a f g B4
Made by Gloeilampenfabriek Valora, Tilburg
Gloeilampenfabriek Valora existed from May 4th 1925 - July 15th 1933. Its founder was Pierre van Loon. This may explain the name of the company: Valora, Van Loon Radio.
The address was Tilburgseweg A 307, Tilburg. Later they moved to Tilburgseweg 68, Goirle.
Valora made a range of bright as well as dull emitters.


Valora dull emitter (export model for the British market) 3.5-4V - 0.06A

Valora dull emitter 3.5-4V - 0.06A

Valora bright emitter 3 V - 0.4A

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