Superinductance receiver
Veneered mahogany cabinet, Bakelite loudspeaker and dial surround. Original price: f 220,-.
Data Valves
Serial number: K50650  (chassis: 36435)
Dimensions (whd): 48 41 27 cm
Made in: 1933
Purchased in: 2005
Sold in: 2022

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What was broadcast in 1933?


Listen to "Decca Stomp" by The Ramblers Dance Orchestra, recorded in Chenil Galleries, London, May 23-24 1933

Philips Station Identification Chart, front and back
British advertisement for the 634 from "The Music Seller and Radio Music Trader", 1933
French advertisement from the magazine "L'Illustration" for the 630N and the 634, October 28, 1933
A number of 634A's, ready for shipment

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