Loudspeaker cabinet with electrodynamic loudspeaker
In oak cabinet with Arbolite top, front and side panels, and wood loudspeaker grille with brown cloth. The cabinet was sold in combination with the "Weco AC Receiver Luxe". The Biedermann catalogue code was 5085.
Serial number cabinet: 7592, excitation unit: 1926
Dimensions (w h d) 48 x 76 x 32,5 cm
Made in 1929  
Purchased in 2012
Voltages 220 volts ~/6 volts -

What was broadcast in 1929?


Listen to "Sweet Music" by Paul Specht and his Orchestra, recorded in 1929

The interior of the speaker
An excitation unit (consisting of a Weco transformer, a Weco "Oxydul" metal rectifier and a 2000 μF TCC capacitor) is mounted on a board below the Helios Dynamus (Weco) speaker.
The loudspeaker in a Belgian Biedermann catalogue.
Advertisement from Radio Wereld, September 19th, 1929

Advertisement for the Helios Dynamus loudspeaker (1929).

Schematic representation of the excitation unit

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