High impedance electrodynamic loudspeaker
with a celluloid cone. Cabinet made of mahogany with details in walnut wood. Text from an advertisement: "By using an almost aperiodic cone, made of celluloid, sound reproduction is natural and free of nasal or metallic effects"
Made in: 1925
Purchased in: 2008
Sold in: 2022
Dimensions: 26,5 x 21 x 13 cm
Serial number: 7194

What was broadcast in 1925?


Listen to "Si Tu Vois Ma Tante" by Billy Max Stiklen's Orchestra, recorded in 1925

Side view

Page from a catalogue, on the right the diffuseur modèle BB
Page from: Catalogue Général Encyclopédique Illustré de la T.S.F. saison 1927-1928

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