High impedance electromagnetic (inductordynamic) loudspeaker
Was introduced by Nijkerk's Radio, Weesperstraat 38, Amsterdam as a kit, e.g. together with the Varadyne radio, in the beginning of 1932. Housed in solid mahogany cabinet with mahogany veneered plywood front and back, designed by the N.V. Nederlandsche Fabriek voor Betimmeringen v/h Gebroeders Reens. The speaker above (model Prima-Donna) has a neutral front, but could also be supplied with a Varabesk cabinet with the name "VARA", a Dutch broadcast organisation, cut out in the front (picture right). The cabinet is assembled by means of a number of nickel-plated copper bars. The "inductor dynamic" system can be set between 500 and 3000 ohms (500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 ohms). In fact, this is a "Freischwinger" speaker; the term "dynamic" seems to have been added, because in that period competition had to be made with the dynamic speaker.

The loudspeaker has a diameter of 28 cm.
The original price of the loudspeaker was f 24,75. The cabinet cost f 12,90.
Serial number: 59083 (cabinet number)
Made in: 1932
Purchased in: 2019
Dimensions (h x w x d): 37 x 44.3 x 23.5 cm
DC resistance: depends on the connection
Weight: 6.1 kg

What was broadcast in 1932?


Listen to "Magnolia" by The Ramblers Dance Orchestra, recorded in the Chenil Gallaries, London, November 8, 1932


Side view


Type plate and connection options
Advertisement in "Het Volk" February 4, 1932

Advertisement in "Het Volk", May 9, 1932
Article in Radio Expres, February 12, 1932

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