High impedance loudspeaker
Material: mahogany with scalloped rim and brass grill.
Company history

Lauritz Piter Knudsen from Odense opened his first workshop in Copenhagen in 1893. He made clocks and chronometers and later electromechanical tools and materials. Knudsen died in 1917, but his company, already employing hundreds of workers remained very successful. In 1921 a new factory was opened in Haraldsgade. LK, as the company was called from then on, later produced all kinds of consumer goods like electric cookers, irons, radios and loudspeakers.

Dimensions:               44 x 42 X 22.5 cm
Serial number: 64463
Impedance:    8 Kohms
Made in:        1929
Purchased in:  2005

What was broadcast in 1929?


Listen to the Foxtrot Potpourri "Det var paa Frederiksberg og andre steder" by  Paul Godwins Dance Orchestra, sung by Aage Juhl-Thomsen, recorded in 1929

Detail of the brass loudspeaker grill

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