High impedance miniature loudspeaker
Made by Établissements Herbelot et Vorms, 35 Rue Bagnolet, Paris.
Small but sensitive loudspeaker, due to the use of a strong permanent magnet. Material: imitation mother-of-pearl housing on brass feet. There is an adjusting screw at the bottom, with which the distance between the magnet and the vibrating plate can be adjusted.
The loudspeaker was made in various designs. The original price was FFr 180, -
Made in: 1927
Purchased in: 2020
Sold in: 2024
Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 8 cm

What was broadcast in 1927?


Listen to "Qui", sung by Mistinguett with Fred Melé and his Symfonic Jazz, recorded in 1927.


Bottom view of the speaker. The bottom place is made of imitation turtle. Visible are the three brass feet, the two connections for the cord and in the middle an adjusting screw, with which the position of the vibrating plate in relation to the magnet can be adjusted

Advertisement in Modernitude Technologique, 1927 Advertisement in L'Illustration, December 24, 1927

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