High impedance loudspeaker
Elegant loudspeaker, made by Société des Établissements Gaumont (SEG), 57-59 Rue St. Roch, Paris 1er.

The speaker is made of polished aluminum and has a nickel-plated iron surround around the cone. The cone is made of folded paper, covered with a water-repellent varnish to protect it from moisture.
The speaker can be adjusted by means of a button on the back.
With built-in 6000 pF capacitor.
The original price was FFr 390,-.
Gaumont was founded in 1895 by Léon Gaumont. It is one of the oldest film companies in the world. In addition to films, the company also made photo and film equipment. Speakers and radios were also made in the 1920s.
Serial number: 13301
Made: ±1924 (production period 1923-1926)
Purchased in: 2020
Dimension (w x h x d): 39 x 41 x 18 cm
DC resistance: 2500 ohms
Weight: 2.17 kg

What was boadcast in 1924?


Listen to "Suzett Blues" by the Billy Max Stiklen Orchestra, recorded in Paris, November 1924.

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