Electromagnetic horn loudspeaker
The base of the loudspeaker is made of mahogany. The metal base and neck are made of cast aluminium, the flare is spun aluminium, painted black. By turning the knurled knob in the metal part of the base, the distance between the magnet and the diaphragm can be changed. There are 2000 and 4000 Ohm models.
Company history

Sidney George Brown (1873-1948), the company founder, was a prolific inventor of electromechanical devices, including the well known "A" headphones, the "Microphone Amplifier" and a gyro compass. The company also made loudspeakers and radios. In 1906 he founded Telegraph Condenser Co and in 1910 he set up a business under his own name: S.G. Brown Ltd., in Watford (North of London) and later had an establishment in North Acton, London W3. The company eventually became part of the Racal organisation which in turn became part of Thales-Racal Acoustics. The Brown range of horns used a moving iron, and tuned magnetic reed arrangement, in contrast to the common diaphragm electromagnetic driver in other loudspeakers. The sensitivity of the reed and the thinness of the aluminium cone were advertised as offering greater volume than other designs, but the complexity made them more expensive.

Made in: 1924-1926
Purchased in: 2006
Serial number: A7357
Dimensions: height 53.5 cm, diameter of the flare 31 cm
DC resistance: 4000 Ohms

What was broadcast in 1924?


Listen to "Felix kept on walking" by the orchestra of Nat Star, recorded on February 14, 1924

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