High impedance cabinet horn loudspeaker
made by S.G. Brown Ltd., London.
Cabinet made of solid mahogany. Folded black cast metal horn. The driver air gap of this electromagnetic speaker is adjustable. 2000 and 4000 ohm models were made.
Sidney George Brown (1873-1948), the company founder, was a prolific inventor of electromechanical devices, including the well known "A" headphones, the "Microphone Amplifier" and a gyro compass. The company also made loudspeakers and radios. In 1906 he founded Telegraph Condenser Co and in 1910 he set up a business under his own name: S.G. Brown Ltd., in Watford (North of London) and later had an establishment in North Acton, London W3. The company eventually became part of the Racal organisation which in turn became part of Thales-Racal Acoustics.
DC resistance: 2000 Ohms
Dimensions (whd): 28.6 21 35.2 cm
Made in: 1925
Purchased in: 2007
Sold in: 2021

What was broadcast in 1925?


Listen to "Dancing" by the orchestra of Percival Mackey, recorded on November 19, 1925

A view inside

Advertisement for the Brown Cabinet in Radio Expres, April 30, 1926

Advertisement in The Wireless Constructor, November 1926

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